Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full Circle

We have just completed preparation of our Chicago condo for rental.  It has been a busy few months, including our move to Prescott and, most recently, a week of hard labor to freshen up the condo.  We have repaired, patched, painted, touched-up, cleaned and scrubbed just about every inch of the place.  It has a new identity, where “Calypso Orange” paint has been replaced with a more neutral and elegant “Abalone”.  Our new tenants, a nice young couple, are very excited to move in next month.

Yesterday I rested by one of the front windows, which was open to a mild, breezy afternoon.  To my delight, the scent of lilacs from the yard wafted in.  I was instantly transported to June 1, 2008, when we spent our first night as full time residents in our condo.  The lilacs were blooming then too, and I was full of happiness about our new life, starting retirement in Chicago.  Somehow it is very satisfying to make this transition to Prescott in the spring, knowing that the lilacs are there to bring joy to the next people to enjoy our condo home.

We have reservations for Smith & Wollensky tonight, which is located on the north side of the Chicago River.  They have expansive city skyline views that include the iconic sign of the Chicago Theater on State Street.  This is where we ate a celebratory meal when we first moved to Chicago.  Eating there our last night in Chicago seems to bring this chapter of our lives to a full and proper closure.  After all, nothing says Chicago like enjoying a prime steak with the city spread out at your feet.  

Our little urban hideaway will soon be home to someone else.  I am happy for them.  I am happy for us to be moving on to our Arizona dream.  Our time on Bittersweet Place (perfect street name, huh?) was wonderful and we will always remember it fondly.  And we still own the place, so who knows?

I love you madly, Chicago.  Always will.

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