Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prescription: A Little More Spring

My friend Tom Wingham's untimely death at 42 hit me pretty hard last week.  I found that I had trouble sleeping, thinking about Tom and his family.  Also, I began to stress about unknown medical issues that can sneak up and do us in without warning.  How can vibrant, seemingly healthy people so suddenly be stricken down?  Next thing you know, you're anxiously looking in the mirror wondering if you are next.  You start thinking about taking evasive action.

So after a few years of resistance, I decided to heed my doctor's request to take medication for blood pressure.  The tipping point was when, on Monday, I checked it at home and found it to be alarmingly high.  I placed a page to Dr.Chien after hours to call in a prescription, which he did. I had scared the beejeezus out of myself and my husband.

Two days later (yesterday), my blood pressure is well within a normal range, and I am sleeping better.  I visited Dr. Chien who assured me we did the right thing and he is not overly concerned, because my other vitals and blood work are good. 

I credit Tom with sending me a message to delay no longer on treating my blood pressure.  Thanks Tom.  I'll keep tabs on it now.

We're back in Chicago until May 4th, when we depart on our big trip to England.  Until then, I will follow my prescriptions.  That includes the official one to regulate my blood pressure, as well as the unofficial one - to enjoy a little more Spring.

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