Thursday, April 12, 2012

Halfway Home

We've spent the last two days driving through the American Heartland, on our way from Chicago to Prescott.  Yesterday, it was the entire length of Illinois, a corner of Missouri, and a dash of Arkansas to usher us across the Mississippi into Memphis, Tennessee.  Today, with Memphis in our rear view mirror, we drove through the northern width of Arkansas and well into Oklahoma.

With two more days of still ahead, I am wearily attempting to focus on the positive aspects of this long road trip.  There are mental snapshots replaying in my head.  The landscape went by too quickly to capture these scenes with a camera, but they will be some of the highlights of this trip...
Crimson Clover
  • Farmers in Caterpillars and Farmalls, planting crops on their acreage in the early morning sun.
  • Red buds blooming heartily among the spring green trees by the highway.
  • A herd of cows standing in a pond in Oklahoma.
  • Swaths of Crimson Clover making vast fields of grass blush a wine color.
  • Beautiful chestnut horses grazing in a hilly field of yellow wildflowers.
I'm pooped, and not partiularly looking forward to another two days in the car, but we really enjoyed the hospitality extended by our dear friend Dave in Memphis last night.  Tonight we'll walk across the parking lot from the Hampton Inn in Yukon, Oklahoma (Garth Brooks' hometown) to have some Italian food.  By early afternoon on Saturday we'll arrive in Prescott - our new home.  We can't wait to put down real roots there.

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