Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Favorite Products

Some time ago (October 2009) I posted about some products I've discovered that have become my favorites: I am still always on the prowl for the best solutions for cleaning or organizing at home, and also for health and beauty. Here are some of my newer favorites:

We love using many spices and spice blends in our cooking. Until recently, we hadn't found a good solution. Some spices are in a refrigerator door, and some are jumbled on a cabinet shelf. This product from Vertical Spice is perfect for us. They have several sizes and finishes available. The product screws to your cabinet shelf, and you pull the drawers out for easy access. Brilliant!

This light weight, cordless, rechargeable vacuum is great for getting up crumbs from the kitchen floor, dust bunnies in the corners, and for grooming doormats. I'm much more inclined to do a quick cleanup when I don't have to get the big vacuum out, unwrap the power cord, and plug it in. There is an integrated hand vac that pops out for use on upholstery and hard to reach spots. It easily disassembles for cleaning.

As far as I am concerned, Amazon's Kindle can't be beaten as a pure reading machine. The design and operation are downright elegant, and the battery life is impressive. This new Kindle has a softly backlit screen, which is great for reading in bed without disturbing your partner. The photo at left shows a Paperwhite in a custom cover with a magnetic clasp. Close the cover, and it turns the device off. Open it and the device comes to life. Small and slim, this can be tucked into a medium-sized purse or the side pocket of a briefcase. Sweet.

Sorry, guys, it's a girl thing. These panties from Soma have replaced almost all my old tatty ones, thanks to Soma's fairly frequent "Panty Raid" sales. Two things are special about these. First, the edge is designed to eliminate panty lines under clothes. Second, there are thin, soft strips of a rubberized material near the leg openings in the back that keep the panties from moving around. (Sounds uncomfortable, but it's not.) Put them on and position them on your "cheeks", and there is no creeping. I love these under clingy knits, and appreciate their performance when golfing. They are available in many styles and colors/prints.

My sister recommended that I try these when I was suffering from knee joint pain last year after doing some work on our condo. I had been crawling around on the hardwood floors, and climbing up and down ladders for days. My knees were so painfully inflamed that I could hardly navigate stairs. The pain kept me awake at night. Salonpas patches provided immediate relief from the pain and, after a few days, eliminated the inflammation completely. These are now a staple in my medicine cabinet. Awesome product.

Let us know if YOU have favorite products worth sharing!

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