Thursday, April 5, 2012

Packing It In

The moving van loads up Tuesday morning. By this time next week we will be climbing back into our Budget Rental Truck after a night in Memphis, and heading to our next stop - Oklahoma City. The movers will be somewhere on the road too, headed toward Prescott.

The last five weeks have been...grueling. We dismantled our Chicago home and packed it up, box by box. Weeks of organizing, sorting, shredding, decision-making, donating, folding, wrapping, reaching, lifting, stacking, etcetera, are now over. Exhausted, both emotionally and physically, I expect the road trip to Arizona to be a little mind-clearing.

Our condo has been rented to a very nice couple in their early thirties. I’m tickled to see that they are so excited to move in and establish themselves here. We have been happy on Bittersweet Place, and we hope they will be too. Having a signed lease and a security deposit is a relief. The real estate market in Chicago will bounce back eventually, but for now at least our investment will pay for itself via the monthly rental fee. We’ll test the market again a few years down the road.

Chicago, we squeezed in as much fun as we could during the last few weeks. We had close encounters with several local Top Chefs, went to the theater twice, ate at our favorite neighborhood haunts, shopped downtown for our trip, and even played a few rounds of golf at Waveland. I know Chicago isn’t going anywhere – but we are.

Here we come, Prescott! We hope to arrive on Saturday the 14th, just in time for the wine tasting at the club. It will be wonderful to see our friends, enjoy the sun, hack our way around the golf course, and relax in our Talking Rock home.

The next phase of our lives is about to begin.

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