Thursday, January 6, 2011

What "Moves" Me

I’ve read several stories about people relocating in retirement to their dream location – only to move back “home” within a year or two. What some find is that starting over in a new town is challenging. They miss their friends and their comfortable routines…favorite restaurants, stores they recognize, the place they built over time in the familiar community.

Many of us have dreams about where we would live if it weren’t for the constraints of jobs, family, or money. Dreams are great; in fact I believe they are important to creating a happy life. But introspection and planning are important too. And we should always leave a little room for serendipity.

I’m one of those odd birds who like change. I grew up in Maryland and went to college and started my career in the Chicago area. Over the years, Hilton moved me to Dallas (where Ron and I met), to Las Vegas, and then to Memphis. When we retired in 2008, we moved to Chicago. In the spring of 2010 we bought a house in Prescott, AZ. One of our friends recently referred to us as “rolling stones”. We’ve loved the adventures moving has brought to our lives. In each location, we reveled in exploring, meeting people, establishing our routines, and making a place to live into a home.

When we have moved in the past, the most difficult changes to face were dismantling our home, and leaving friends behind. That’s when you feel keenly what is really important. But the reality is that we have confidence that we can make a home wherever we choose. Our families are spread around the country, and so are our friends. Reunions are sweet, special events.

What moves me these days is the continued joy we get in becoming intimate with our adopted city of Chicago, the awe of exploring the natural wonders that the Prescott area has to offer, and interacting with all of the people close to us.

It was particularly moving and joyful to ring in the New Year at Talking Rock Ranch with our friends in Prescott. What a pleasure to look around the room and see all the happy faces, to accept greetings, hugs and kisses, and to wriggle around the dance floor in a celebration of life. Hello 2011! I think YOU ROCK!

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