Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Eyeful

My mother and my younger sister, Althea, are visiting us in Prescott this week. Since neither have been to Sedona (and especially because Althea is a photographer), we decided to drive to Sedona yesterday for some sightseeing.

The “direct” route to Sedona takes us through some plains, up on a winding pass over Mingus Mountain and through the tiny former mining town of Jerome. Jerome is now a town of artists and free spirits; a unique and historic place that draws tourists and hikers. We visited a few galleries and enjoyed the view of the valley from the east side of the mountain.

Once through Jerome, you can see hints of the splendor of Red Rock country 30 miles away. From a distance, haze dilutes the intensity of the natural colors in the desert rocks. The closer you get, the more the glow of the rock formations fills your eyes, draws you in, and stirs the blood.

Photo by Althea Haropulos
In the late afternoon the rocks both absorb and reflect the golden sunlight, creating a stunning red- orange and purple glow. The surrounding foliage- green, gray, and brown, provides a frame to anchor the unearthly beauty of the Red Rocks. Fragrant sage adds another element to enjoyment of the view.

We weren’t able to spend time hiking, but did get out of the car at several points to take photos. With a camera, one can only capture representative frames of specific scenes. Even the eye and brain can be overwhelmed as a result of trying to take in and “process” the entire vista.

Photo by Althea Haropulos
If you haven’t been to Sedona, put it on your Travel “Must See” list and prepare for an eyeful! We have so many sights to see and appreciate in these United States.

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