Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parceled Reality

It’s been over a month since we closed on the house in Prescott, and more than three weeks since we returned to Chicago. The fact that we own a home in Arizona has now become somewhat unreal, which feels weird. Unlike a traditional vacation home, we can’t just drive a couple of hours to spend the weekend. Our goal is to get there every six to eight weeks, and to stay at least two weeks each time. The next visit is still weeks away.

Chicago will continue to be our primary residence for approximately the next two years, and we have cautioned ourselves to avoid short-changing our urban experience by focusing too much on Prescott. For example, we do not intend to move furniture that we use and enjoy from the condo, until we relocate permanently. We can, however, move some clothing, a few kitchen items, and some artwork that will make the ranch cottage more functional and homey.

Our approach is to parcel our reality and live in the moment. When we are in Chicago, we should enjoy it fully, and make sure we consciously work the Chicago “Bucket List”. It’s hard to ignore the fact that the clock is now ticking on our residency here. Time moves quickly these days. When we go to Prescott we will take full advantage of all it has to offer. We do need to take care that we enjoy Prescott as residents - not vacationers. There is a difference in the mindset that has potential impact on our ongoing budget. (You know how it is…on vacation you eat out every day!)

This summer in Chicago, we will enjoy golf, lunch at sidewalk cafes, street festivals, evenings on the back porch, and walks by the Lake. Summer in Prescott offers gatherings at the club, outdoor cookouts, hanging by the pool, hiking, concerts on the courthouse square, and golf (the common denominator). We’ll have the best of both worlds. It’s all good!

I was thinking that Prescott is a virtual reality, but it’s more like a parceled reality. It’s every bit as real as Chicago; I just have to store it in an emotional cubbyhole when we are not physically there. I love both of our homes.

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