Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Expenses-Small Satisfaction

Sometimes you have to spend big money to protect investments you have already made in your home, automobile, or household durable goods. I accept that. But writing those big checks does not give me the same happy buzz that I get when I buy something more glamorous or fun!

Today we are having six replacement windows installed in the front room, for over $3800. Ouch. Granted, we will get a $1500 tax break that I will appreciate come next April. And I know they are better insulated, which will deliver improved comfort in the winter. Still, I just can’t get that excited about new windows. Oh well.

Tires are another big ticket purchase that leaves me cold. Yes, the car handles nicely with new tires, and I get slightly better gas mileage. Yes, I know I am less likely to be stranded somewhere with a flat tire. I appreciate all that. But they don’t make the car look better. They are just a necessity. Meh.

And what about taxes? I know that taxes are inevitable. When we cashed out and left Hilton, we paid a horrifying tax bill. It seems the IRS always knows how to hit us hardest, regardless of what phase of our financial lives we are in. We worked for more than 30 years, paying taxes all the way along, and have never been on the dole. Now that we are retired, we would like to see some government programs that actually benefit us instead of taking more from what we worked so hard to earn. Boo, hiss capital gains tax increases! C’mon, health care reform! We are not the “evil rich”; just a couple middle class kids who took advantage of a good education, worked hard, made sacrifices, and saved so we could enjoy the last third of our lives. Mess up my plans and I’m going to have to become politically active to try to protect myself. Don’t make me go there.

I’m sucking it up, and writing those checks. Phooey.

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  1. No kidding. The joys of being a homeowner, driving a car and paying taxes. The little guy can't win. How do we join the ranks of the "evil rich?" It's sounding pretty good ;-)