Thursday, August 29, 2013

Restoring my Normal Routine

It's been a different kind of summer, with community responsibility taking over from my precious routine. Between a big Sweet Adelines concert in early July, our Chopped show on August 4th and the Hotshots Fundraiser at Talking Rock on August 19, I am worn out. Now that those major events are successfully behind me, it's time to guide my life (and my temperment) back to something more normal.

"Normal" here is a good stress-free night of sleep, langorous mornings with coffee, some golf, a little housework, perhaps an errand, and an evening relaxing at home or with friends. I'm used to this rhythm. It's good for me. I stay busy, but in the ways I want to be busy - not according to anyone else's schedule or priorities.

Patio project almost complete!
I'm anticipating, with pleasure, this Labor Day Weekend which will bring a friend's housewarming party, a chili cook-off and festival, and a golf scramble. Our enhanced patio will be ready for social gatherings in a little more than a week. October will bring a visit to New England to see Mom and to spend a few days on Maine's seacoast. Song of the Pines chorus is beginning to rehearse Christmas songs in preparation for Prescott's festive holiday season.

Change is in the air... A shifting of seasons and a move back to normalcy. My arms are wide open.

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