Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding Peace

Recent days in Prescott have been gut-wrenching and tearful. We continue to try to deal with the death of 19 of our own Hotshot firefighters - brave young men who lost their lives protecting others. I think it's going to hurt forever. We are grateful for the support we have received throughout the country and around the world.

Our club is working hard, putting together a fundraiser for the families of the fallen. I've been somewhat consumed with this project, attending meetings, working on documentation, checking texts, email and voice mails, and thinking a lot about what we are trying to accomplish. The goal is to raise $250,000. In the first week, we have commitments totaling almost $45,000.

In the wake of this feeling of loss, I've mostly been running around like an idiot. Finding Peace in my mind has been difficult. My thoughts are discombobulated, and I am not very focused. This realization caused me to think about what in my life brings me Peace. It's time to focus more on these things, to settle my anxious soul and clear my mind.

The love of my husband and family 
Being with good friends
Enjoying the view (literally)
Lungfuls of clean, sweet air
Undisturbed sleep
Joyful music
Watching nature unfold
The undercurrent of my Faith

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