Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I Believe

From 2004 to 2008, NPR aired a feature called "This I Believe" wherein they featured people reading essays about their guiding principles and core values. It was based on a 1950's radio show hosted by Edward R. Murrow. Today there is a not-for-profit foundation by the same name that encourages people to write, share, and discuss these essays as an inspiring educational tool for youth and adults. 
My blog is an unfocused, shotgun-style attempt to tell you about who I am, and what I believe. It seems daunting to attempt to put that so succinctly into a single brief essay. Here we go...


I believe that it's important to work and sacrifice for the life you want. That means that you know what it's like to work two jobs at a time and scrabble from paycheck to paycheck, have a late model car that barely gets you to work, say no to buying things you desire, and live in a sub-par apartment without granite countertops and stainless steel appliances (gasp) that requires diligence in pest control. It's difficult to truly appreciate and be thankful for attaining a level of comfort in life unless you know in your heart that you have earned it.

I believe that life is not about the accumulation of stuff. Fancy cars, McMansions, runway fashions, pedigreed pets and the like are hollow ways to spend money and express ourselves. They tempt us to be self-satisfied in an unbecoming way. Our personal comfort, safety, and health bring us peace and are the foundation of our existence. We can be creative in achieving those things without going to excess.

I believe in honesty, friendship, loyalty, and in doing no harm. I believe in kindness and generosity. I believe that it's important to play and have fun. Life presents challenges and battles, and we must be strong to fight the fight when needed. Life also presents wonder and opportunity, and we should joyfully embrace chances to experience and savor what inspires us.

I believe that faith and religion take many forms, and that sects that would damn people for living a good life outside of boundaries interpreted by other mortals are more restrictive than a loving God condones.

I believe that life is best lived side-by-side with those we love; partners, family, friends, and pets. Appreciate what they add to your existence. When we are gone, we will be but dust. Our spirits live on - formless or formed in unknown ways. The life we have today is a precious gift, and we should live it well.

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