Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I'm swiftly approaching five years of retirement, in May. It still amuses me that some people thought I would be bored in this stage of my life. "What will you DO?", people would gasp when I told them I was leaving the corporate world behind. My work life pace was dizzying, exhausting, and stressful. Looking back, I honestly don't know how I coped from day to day. What I know now is that I didn't eat properly, exercise enough, spend time with friends, or take very good care of my home. On top of that, I often didn't sleep well. The financial rewards were great and I am grateful that allowed me to run away sooner. But I was slowly killing myself.

Truly, I feel almost as busy today as I was when I worked. The difference is that my time is my own, and I choose what to do, with whom, and on what schedule. I don't lie awake at night, worrying about playing golf tomorrow and having dinner with friends. OK, that almost made me "LOL".

I am so NOT bored. My calendar for March was packed with activity almost every day. Granted, things are perking up around here a little with the advent of warmer weather. But here's some of what I did this month:

Dinner at friends' homes (5 times), Nine & Dine at club, Golf (several times a week), Sweet Adelines  chorus rehearsal (once a week for 3 hours), meeting with contractor (for patio expansion), medical check-up, Nine & Wine, overnight trip to Scottsdale, Cubs Spring Training game, dinner out with friends, Friday Night Happy Hours at club, Wine Pairing Dinner, Silpada jewelry party, St Patrick's Day golf tournament, haircut, party planning, Spring cleaning (indoors and out), patio furniture delivery, lunch with an old Hilton friend, Bunco Night with the girls, a Talking Rock Communication Council meeting, a Wine Tasting, several long phone calls with Mom and far-away friends, and blogging. That doesn't include normal housekeeping, laundry, shopping, and preparation of meals. And we still have four days left in the month for more golf, including a tournament on Friday, and an Easter Brunch party for 64 invitees that we are co-hosting with our neighbors.

Busy, busy, busy - and loving every minute of being a Runaway Boomer!

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