Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Don't

We went to the doctor for our annual physical exams earlier this week. We dread it, but do it religiously. After all, what good is it to be retired if you don’t take care of your health? All is well, other than that we both require meds for high cholesterol. Even with that, I naturally have VERY high “good cholesterol”, so my ratio is well within a normal range. I continue to have to manage my carb intake in order to keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay without medication – that will likely be a lifetime challenge.

Sometimes I judge myself harshly (I would like to lose another 15-20 pounds). But I need to remember that I have made a lot of positive changes to my diet and lifestyle over the past 2 years, and give myself credit for those. Here are some of the things “I Don’t” do anymore…

I don’t keep bread in the house.
I don’t eat rice, potatoes, or pasta (except for the occasional spoonful or two when eating out).
I don’t eat sugar, and have replaced it at home with Splenda.
I don’t have potato chips anymore.
I don’t have (my favorite) pancakes for breakfast, except on my birthday and our anniversary.
I don’t regularly use butter – substituting olive oil or Pam instead.
I don’t have sugary desserts.
I don’t eat fruits or veggies that are high in carbs, banning some favorites – like apples and corn.
I don’t snack on popcorn or raisins – both were favorites, but are way too high in carbs.
I don’t eat cereals. Breakfast is usually eggs or an Atkins shake.
I don’t drive anywhere (in Chicago), we walk - or walk to public transportation.
I don’t take my health for granted. I have to make sacrifices to keep it!

I guess this blog today is part bragging and part complaining. But occasionally I need to remind myself about why I made these changes and how important it is to stay on track. I always read labels at the grocery store. You wouldn’t believe how many carbs are lurking in many “healthy” products! We avoid most processed foods, and know exactly what we are eating. I want to keep enjoying my life.

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  1. Congrats on your healthy choices and valuing feeling at your best. I hope you can help influence our Chef to continue to offer healthy choices.