Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 10 Facts that Prove I'm Hooked on Golf

#1: I have a golfer's tan
#2: You know, I really don't care when my golf cap gives me hat hair...
#3: Two pair of golf shoes isn't enough 
#4: I now consider televised golf tournaments exciting entertainment
#5: I have a painful regret that I never played golf with my dad
#6: The only pencils I have in my house are little stubby golf pencils
#7: Golf tees fall out of my pockets when I'm searching for other things
#8: My next car is going to be a golf cart
#9: I react exactly like Pavlov's dog when I hear someone hit a drive off the tee behind our house
#10: There is a new man in my life - my golf pro

1 comment:

  1. Yes, You are definitely hooked. I remember when that happened to me. I now own 4 pair of golf shoes and can say that my Ecco's are the most comfortable, but my Callaways are the most stylish! I made the most officially decision and actually replaced my irons last year and on the brink of a new driver!