Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outline Next Chapter: Check

We just signed a contract on a house in Prescott, Arizona! This is a big first step in our plan to spend the next chapter of our lives in the high desert of the western U.S. We found this home during our March visit, fell in love with it and the community, and have been working on it since. Last night we got word that our contract offer had been accepted. We’ll close on May 12.

But wait; we’ll still be full time residents of Chicago for about two years. That will give us time to do what we want to do in the city, but now we can be snowbirds and prepare the house for future full time occupancy.

Prescott is 100 miles north (and slightly west) of Phoenix. It’s an hour from Flagstaff or Sedona, about two hours from the Grand Canyon, and three and a half from Las Vegas. There are 40,000+ residents.  It’s high desert, so there are four seasons, although the extremes are much milder than in Phoenix or Chicago. Our "Ranch Cottage" is in a western-style planned community called Talking Rock Ranch (so named for the Indian petroglyphs on the grounds). Talking Rock features a club house with a restaurant and fitness center, a pool, hiking trails, and a fantastic golf course. The back of our house faces the second tee, and mountains in the distance. If you’re interested, there is more info here:

We couldn’t be more excited! And now, a few photos... (1) Front of cottage, (2) Kitchen from living room, (3) Back of cottage from golf course, and (4) Clubhouse and mountains.

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