Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmases Past

So many memories creep in as Christmas draws closer... As children, we waited with so much anticipation for Santa, and strongly felt the love of our parents that came with special gifts under the tree. Some early years with family were the best. There was the year Dad bought a blue spruce so big he had to take the railings off the front steps on approach to the house. Then it took pushing from outside and pulling from inside to get the tree in. It was tall and broad and almost took up the entire living room. Awesomeness Defined.

Once out on my own, still I got home for Christmas as often as I could. Other holidays were spent with friends who were extended family. Early in my relationship with Ron, we would drive all night (usually through an ice storm) from Dallas to the farm in Melvin, IL. The old farm house was packed with family and joy, cheese balls and cookies, stockings and presents. What fun it was!

Time and circumstances change our traditions. We married, our careers became more demanding, and we moved...Dallas to Las Vegas to Memphis to Chicago to Prescott. We lost Ron's parents and my dad. We gradually began to enjoy the restful peace of having our Christmases shared alone together.
Christmas at our home in Las Vegas in the mid-90's.
Christmas Eve we have champagne and sinful hors d'oeuvres, like pâté and caviar. We play hours and hours of Christmas music by candlelight, with the tree sparkling bright. First thing on Christmas, we open our stockings. Then Ron makes pancakes for breakfast. We sip mimosas while exchanging gifts and receiving happy phone calls from family and friends. In the afternoon, we prepare a Christmas dinner. By evening, we settle in for a quiet evening together, basking in our good fortune and an aura of love.

This year we will have friends over for a laid back Christmas Eve, and will join a larger group of friends for Christmas dinner. We hope you all have plans for your own kind of Christmas joy. We'll all always have memories of Christmases Past.

All the best to you and yours. Merry Christmas!   

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