Thursday, December 13, 2012

Any Excuse

When I chatted with my mother yesterday, part of our conversation was about our busy social calendar for the next few days. While describing the plan for that night - Ladies Poker Night in celebration of a friend's birthday - Mom aptly commented, "Any excuse for a party!" Obviously, our friend's birthday was well worth celebrating, but it's true that we residents of Talking Rock don't need much of a reason to get together and have fun.

Parties can be planned or break out spontaneously at the drop of a hat. Ladies Poker Night was a well-planned event, made easier by the willingness of attendees to pitch in. We all brought food and drink (too much of course), but our hostess and her friends added fun with a few creative touches. We were invited to dress the part of poker-players, and were provided with (candy) cigarettes and sunglasses. I'd share some cute pictures of the girls, but we agreed "What happens on Jay Morrish Drive stays on Jay Morrish Drive" and I need to respect that.

Tonight Talking Rock Club hosts their annual Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange. Chef Richard will create a wonderful meal, then we will gather around the Christmas tree and fireplace and open gifts that can then be "apprehended" by others who wish to trade theirs for someone else's. I'm looking forward to the fun, laughter, and holiday spirit among good friends.

Friday night is the ever-popular weekly Happy Hour at the club. We'll start gathering at 4:30 for cocktails (it's great to be retired); a happy habit that normally progresses to dinner. Tomorrow, we'll be part of a table for 10 that will help us celebrate Ron's birthday. Friday is a weekly excuse to get a just a little gussied up and just ENJOY the company of others in the warm, comfortable environment provided by Talking Rock.

We are very fortunate to live among people with similar interests and attitudes. Our friends are generous with their hospitality, time, and hearts. There is no place we would rather be, and we are loving spending our first Christmas season here in Prescott.

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