Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Thank You Card

Mom and my sister Althea conclude their visit to Prescott and Talking Rock Ranch today.  We’re driving to Phoenix so they can catch their flight back home to Manchester, New Hampshire.  I’m sending a grateful “Thank You” out to our friends here who have opened their homes, their arms, and their hearts to my family to make their visit so successful.

A parent needs to know that their children are happy, and that their future seems secure and bright.  It’s important to Mom to have experienced where and how we live, so that she can visualize things when she is far away at her own home.  For Althea, it’s nice to have a place to come visit where she can be comfortable and have a change of pace.

It delights me that our Talking Rock friends were so welcoming.  We enjoyed the impromptu gathering at Connie’s house, along with Sharon’s chili and cornbread.  Mom is tickled that people picked up on her childhood nickname, and now call her “Diz” instead of Dolores.  (I’ll remember Detta spotting Mom at the club and yelping, “There’s Diz!”) The Hiking Club included Althea on their weekly trek; and Althea also had a chance to be introduced to Pickle Ball.  Holly was so kind to invite us over for a preview of her paintings, which she is preparing for a gallery exhibit later this month.  It was fun to join the happy chatter of ladies at Coop’s after golf earlier this week.  The staff catered to our special requests at the club, designed to make Mom comfortable.  Althea was greeted like an old friend by those she had met on previous visits.  All of us enjoyed sharing Happy Hour and the sunset on our back patio with Connie, Wayne, Gus, and Rochelle.  Mom got lots of warm Arizona sunshine and friendly hugs that she says she has stored up to last her through the winter.

My mother and sister will take memories of warmth and laughter back to New Hampshire, and will have a place in their own hearts for Talking Rock.  I’m not the least bit surprised that our wonderful friends reached out to gather them in…but I am pleased and grateful.

Thank you, sincerely.

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