Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy's Day Blues

Father’s Day promotions never seem to take into account the feelings of those of us who have lost our fathers. It makes the day a little hard to bear. I’ll never stop loving Dad and missing him. He was the best father I can imagine having, and was a tremendous influence on my life. I can still clearly hear his voice in my head, comforting and guiding me to this day…
John Haropulos 1924-1999

“Your daddy loves you.”
“Quit yarming around and get in the car!”
“What were you thinking?”
“You want something to cry about? I’ll give you something to cry about.”
“Go to your room and think about it.”
“I’d sell you for a nickel right now.”
“Isn’t your mother beautiful?”
“You can be whatever you want to be.”
“You’re not going out dressed like that.”
“Don’t talk back to your mother.”
“You dare to speak to me that way?”
“You’re smarter than that.”
“Because I’m the dad, and I say so.”
James Bailey 1928-1995
“I’m coming to check for creepy-crawlies!”

Ron is missing his dad too, and had these to offer…

“Do it right, or don’t do it at all.”
“Respect your tools.”
“You’re not going anywhere.”
“You’re not old enough to _________.” 
“You’re too old to cry.”
“Pay attention to what you’re doing.”
“Don’t EVEN…!”
“So you think you’re so smart."

John Haropulos and Jim Bailey, we love you both and will be carrying you in our hearts this Father’s Day.

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