Thursday, April 28, 2011

Social Butterflies

Ron and I are each other’s best friends. Over the years we have been a couple, we most enjoy spending time alone together. Occasionally, close friends are invited over for cocktails, dinner, or special celebrations. We share some events (Symphony, Opera, Cubs game) with friends. Family is spread across the country, and our infrequent visits and gatherings are joyful for us.

Facing retirement three years ago, we discussed a mutual concern about how we would meet new people and make friends. Historically, most of our friendships came from our work environment.

We had no idea that when we selected Prescott and Talking Rock Ranch (TRR) as our long term home we would be quickly and enthusiastically embraced by the community. It has been an incredible bonus to our new life in Arizona.

Suddenly, we are social butterflies! Between events planned by TRR Club and our new neighbors, our calendar is full when we are in Prescott. In a typical week, we golf, hike, dine at the club, and attend Friday Happy Hour. The Barn fitness center is another place to catch up with friends. We’ve attended neighborhood parties, private dinner parties, and spontaneous gatherings in people’s homes and on back patios. Last fall, we hosted a cocktail party for about twenty friends. And Ron’s culinary skills have been exercised on several occasions by having friends over to dinner, as we did just last night.

It’s amazing what comes out of old-fashioned neighborliness. When someone is injured or sick, help is always nearby. If a friend experiences a loss, people are ready to step in with a supportive and comforting presence. Need a ride into town? You’ll get multiple offers. There’s no reason to celebrate events alone, because people are always eager to make merry with you. It feels great. Really great.

Our relationship as a couple has been enhanced by this activity and social stimulation. It’s enjoyable to open our hearts to welcome new friends, and we look forward to sharing all the fun with our long time friends and family.

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  1. Eloquently written! This is the essence of TRR! We're happy to have you here as and Ron are another "bonus" couple!!!