Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This Christmas is a little different for me. I am enjoying the lights, the music, the snow, and the sociable bustle of the city. But I had trouble telling my husband what I might like for gifts. This is an odd state of affairs, as I usually covet this and that and get excited as wrapped presents appear under the tree. Unfortunately, this blasé-ness has insidiously infiltrated my feelings in regard to purchases I have made for others. I put thought into our gift-giving, but I’m not sure I did anything very special. I’m just not excited this year about the exchange of "stuff".  (No offense, Santa, I know that's kinda your thing.)

My focus has changed to an avid interest in gathering experiences and examining feelings. The best things I can give my husband are love and comfort. With my friends I want to share time and create warm memories. I ache to find a way to express the grateful feelings I have for my wonderful friends – you all help fill my life.

The answer for me is in remembering and pondering the origin of Christmas. We’ll forge through the snow on Christmas Eve to be reminded of the glory Christmas morning brought, a few thousand years ago. We’ll pray for peace and good will around the world. Merry Christmas!

"Today Christ is born in Bethlehem of the Virgin.
Today He who is without a beginning begins,
And the Word is made flesh.
The powers of Heaven rejoice,
The earth and her people are jubilant;
The Wise Men bring gifts to the Lord,
The shepherds marvel at the One who is born;
And we sing without ceasing:
"Glory to God in the Highest,
And on earth peace, good will toward men".

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