Thursday, November 4, 2010

There's a Certain Spirit Here

Sunday night we went to a party in our neighborhood of Cottages at Talking Rock Ranch in Prescott. Ours are the smallest homes in the community, so some were laughingly referring to the gathering as a “Party in the ‘Hood”. It was a lovely, mild evening, and we and the other guests spilled out onto the back patio. As at other social events here, everyone was warm and welcoming, and we enjoyed meeting neighbors we hadn’t previously encountered. (We also got to see the neighborhood javelina who near-sightedly trotted within a few yards of the well-lit, noisy patio – much to our delight.)

Our hosts threw the party to welcome several newcomers. We were all asked to explain how we came to live at Talking Rock. Some stories were funny; some surprising. We laughed a lot, a few happy tears were shed, and one tragic story of loss resulted in a group hug. Although there had been some initial resistance to the exercise, everyone gave in and participated, contributing our part. I’m really glad we all did.

Days later, I’m still thinking about the party and the common denominators among the residents here. Everyone commented, in one way or another, about how special it is here at Talking Rock. Many have chosen this place to start a new life that is more laid back and, at the same time, very socially active. There is a notable lack of posturing and pretense, and a relaxed and gracious spirit of inclusion. You get the feeling that people that have chosen to live here are at the point in their lives where their priorities are clear and in order. Care and humanity are high on the list.

The stunning beauty and clarity of the desert environment adds a feeling of well-being. The air is fresh and sweet, and the stars in the night sky glow like countless gems. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful. More than ever, we are convinced that we stumbled into a place that is right for us. Along with our neighbors, we are proud to be part of this community.


  1. I get postings from Talking Rock (due to my hopes to one day move there). I currently live in Taos and am finding the winters getting a little overwhelming. Its so nice to see your blog and comments about the community. I absolutely loved the cottages. Am hoping the community is welcoming to senior singles when I am able to get out that way!

    1. Most of us are on the senior-ish side of life, and we do have singles here. I am sure you would be embraced by our membership and find lots to do. It's incredibly easy to meet people at Talking Rock.