Thursday, January 14, 2010

When I Grow Up

I’m retired from the corporate world of business – not from life. There are so many things to do now that I have my freedom. Still, I can’t really answer, “What now?” At least not completely. Not yet. When I look inside the jumble of my heart and mind, I hear these insistent little voices:

· I love golf and it annoys me that I suck at it. I want to play more and get better, and fully enjoy any time spent on a golf course.
· The creative process of making jewelry – from buying supplies to making a finished product –is really fun. Besides, I love custom jewelry and this is an inexpensive way to have it. Would it be more or less fun if I sold my creations? Would anyone buy them? Will my sister Althea play with me?
· I really should do some singing to make use of my trained voice. (Note that I wrote “should” and not “want to”. Hmmm.) I just haven’t figured out what type of activity would be stimulating and allow me to dust off my vocal chords without embarrassing myself.
· I’ve done some painting (watercolors and acrylics), but have no training and probably little talent. But I want to paint. I should take some classes.
· Why is my ukulele just gathering dust?
· I’ve always wanted to write a book. Instead, I’m writing blogs. Might the latter lead to the former?
· I have business acumen that is going to waste right now. So what? I really like the idea of being “the man behind the curtain” and helping someone else achieve success.
· I am going to learn to design a web site, dammit. How hard can this be, with all the tools and templates available today?
· With all this time I have, I have to get serious about this last 15 pounds. No excuses.

Don’t be surprised if you catch me muttering to myself on occasion. I’m busy deciding what I want to do when I grow up.


  1. Yup, we're all trying to figure this out, retired or not. I'm still wondering what my "next" career will be. We'll see.

  2. It never would have occurred to me that you, Laurel, would wonder about what to be when you grow up. My perspective is that you rock the wizard of oz (person behind the curtains)and have found innovative ways to have your voice heard and your expertise shared. Remember, we are always hardest on ourselves!
    Anne Cole